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Forensics Services Laboratory Report

Mississippi State Crime Lab
Jackson, MS 39216
Yoknapatawpha County Sheriff's Department
Oxford Mississippi
CAPS/Homicide Division
Detective Sam Murphy
Case #: 000133-14A-2002
Victim(s): Andrea Gayle Stover
Certificate of Analysis: 02-3101
Date: 3/08/02
Examiner: Francis K. Dupin
Forensic Report


Analysis of Blood and Urine:
The victim's serum sample was subjected to ion chromatography/mass spectrometry. A peak at 89.2 m/z, subsequently identified as oxalate, was detected at ~5X the normal (~0.16mcg/ml) serum concentration.

A portion of the victim's urine sample was then subjected to a colorimetric oxalate test. If oxalate is present, it reacts with oxalate oxidase in the presence of oxygen to form hydrogen peroxide and carbon dioxide. The hydrogen peroxide further reacts with two chemicals (MBTH and DMAB) to form an indamine dye that is detected at 590nm. Oxalate concentration in the urine was determined to be 73mg/L. Calcium oxalate crystals were also apparent after microscopic examination of the urine.

Both the blood and urine analysis revealed a higher than normal presence of oxalate in the system.While an abnormally high level of oxalate is present in the victim’s system, it is not at such a concentration to cause death. Oxalic acid (oxalate) is found in plants such as rhubarb, spinach and beets. Furthermore, ethylene glycol, if ingested, is metabolized to oxalic acid (oxalate).


I certify that I performed the above analysis and explanation and that the above is an accurate summary of the analysis results.

//Francis K. Dupin
Forensic Scientist
Senior Examiner

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