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Interview: Georgia Mavis, waitress at Figgy's

Sunday , January 17, 2010 - 10:00 a.m.

Detective Sam Murphy went to Figgy's Restaurant on the Square to determine which employee served Jordan Rodale and Devlin Beauchamp on the afternoon of January 2, 2010. The staff was shown photographs of Mr. Beauchamp and Mr. Rodale and one of the servers, Georgia Mavis, identified both men as her customers on that date.

Det. Sam Murphy
Georgia Mavis

Det. Sam Murphy: Please state your name and address for the record.

Georgia Mavis: Georgia Lynne Mavis, 1642 Garfield, Oxford.

Det. Sam Murphy: Ms. Mavis, you have identified Mr. Devlin Beauchamp and Mr. Jordan Rodale from photographs as two men you served lunch to on January 2, 2010. Is that correct?

Georgia Mavis: Yes ma'am.

Det. Sam Murphy: How can you be so sure it was the 2nd that you waited on them?

Georgia Mavis: It happened to be my little boy's birthday. They were my last ticket of the day. I told them about my son's birthday and they - or well... at least one of them left me a very nice gratuity. And the... Mr. Beauchamp told me to buy a nice something for my son. That's something you don't forget, you know what I mean?

Det. Sam Murphy: Yes, I see what you mean. Do you recall when they arrived?

Georgia Mavis: I just looked up the ticket and it was stamped by the kitchen at 3:18 p.m.

Det. Sam Murphy: Stamped by the kitchen?

Georgia Mavis: Yes ma'am, when an order is sent to the kitchen they stamp the time. It's an efficiency thing - to see how long the order took to prepare and get to the customer. See what I mean?

Det. Sam Murphy: I do see. All right, so Mr. Rodale and Mr. Beauchamp arrived just a few minutes before 3:18 p.m, is that correct?

Georgia Mavis: Yes.

Det. Sam Murphy: And how long would you say there were here?

Georgia Mavis: Well, I probably collected the check about 4:25 p.m. because I closed out at 4:30. They paid, gave me the tip I mentioned and all, and I left. As I was pulling out of my parking spot, I thought I saw them coming out the front door. It was probably 10 minutes later.

Det. Sam Murphy: What was their demeanor like?

Georgia Mavis: They were very polite.

Det. Sam Murphy: What I meant was, how did they behave toward one another?

Georgia Mavis: Tense.

Det. Sam Murphy: Tense?

Georgia Mavis: Yes ma'am, in a word, I'd have to say tense.

Det. Sam Murphy: Did you hear what they were talking about?

Georgia Mavis: They were talking a lot about their Mama. Mr. Rodale seemed to say he thought their mama would've wanted things the way he was suggesting.

Det. Sam Murphy: And how was he suggesting things to be?

Georgia Mavis: Can't say I really caught that part. Seemed to have something to do with books, or his book. I think he said it had to do with his book... Mr. Rodale. And then Mr. Beauchamp just kind of shook his head, like he was just real disappointed or something. You know that kind of expression you get when your child has done something you just knew he knew better than to do?

Det. Sam Murphy: I get the concept. Did Mr. Beauchamp say anything?

Georgia Mavis: He said "you shouldn't have made the commitment" and shook his head again. Then when I came back to the table later, Mr. Beauchamp seemed a might more perturbed and said something like, "you can't have them - why do we talk about this every time? They're mine and I won't give them up."

Det. Sam Murphy: Did Mr. Rodale have any response to this?

Georgia Mavis: He said something like, "She would have liked it. It's the reason she kept them in the first place." And then he got all kind of sad looking and said, "You aren't going to do anything with them. What do you need them for?"

Det. Sam Murphy: Anything else?

Georgia Mavis: Well, I had to leave the table - I couldn't just listen in - they got quiet when I came around and stuck around, if you know what I mean?

Det. Sam Murphy: I do. Would you have called this a fight?

Georgia Mavis: No ma'am, I would have called it a disagreement. They weren't mad exactly - like they didn't know each other well enough to be mad, you know? But they were being very serious.

Det. Sam Murphy: Did you overhear any more of their conversation?

Georgia Mavis: No ma'am, afraid I didn't.

Det. Sam Murphy: Aside from the very generous tip they left, was there anything else you observed that struck you as odd or unusual about the two men?

Georgia Mavis: Not at the time, but now it seems odd...

Det. Sam Murphy: What's that?

Georgia Mavis: That they were brothers. Like I said, they acted like they barely knew each other - like they couldn't have been from the same family at all. Sad thing, if you ask me.

Det. Sam Murphy: Yes I suppose it is. If you think of anything else, please don't hesitate to call my office.

Georgia Mavis: I will be sure to call.

Det. Sam Murphy: Also, we may need to ask you more questions, so please contact my office if you should decide to leave town - even for a day - and keep us apprised of where we can find you.

Georgia Mavis: I surely will. And good luck in finding whoever killed that nice man.

Det. Sam Murphy: Thank you, I'll need it.

Interview ends: 10:45 a.m.