There has been an arrest in the case. Details here A new case starts Thursady afternoon, April 15, 2010
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This is a solved case from the Crime Scene archives. New cases are posted on the main page.

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  • View incident report, Devlin Beauchamp murder
  • View coroner report, summary
  • View murder images (Warning graphic images)
  • View complete coroner's report
  • View map of Beauchamp neighborhood
  • View inventory of evidence collected at the victim's restaurant
  • View search inventory of Devlin Beauchamp's home
  • View evidence inventory from Home Plate Restaurant, fingerprints
  • View Beauchamp residence phone records
  • View financial summary, Devlin Beauchamp
  • View financial summary, Home Plate
  • View financial summary, Jordan Rodale
  • View financial summary, Carl Dixon
  • View possible matches to partial license plate numbers
  • View email regarding the ID search for Natalie Posner
  • View search warrant, Jordan Rodale Residence
  • View search warrant, Carl Dixon Residence
  • View Home Plate employee timesheet, January 2, 2010
  • View Home Plate safe deposit box-inventory and access records
  • View forensic analysis of items from Beauchamp residence
  • View search inventory, Jordan Rodale Residence
  • View search inventory, Carl Dixon Residence
  • View Mickie Webster's Phone Records
  • View sample of clippings about Natalie Posner found in Devlin Beauchamps's residence
  • View analysis and comparison of various evidence samples
  • View police report from Glendale, California
  • View search inventory of Jessica Durham's vehicle
  • View mugshot gallery, suspect photos
  • View letters from Natalie Posner's attorney
  • View Detective Possel's journal
  • View search warrant, Michelle Webster Residence
  • View search inventory, Michelle Webster Residence
  • View forensic analysis results of Mickie Webster residence [Membership Required]
  • View the victim's missing journal excerpts [Membership Required]
  • View forensic analysis results of Jessica Durham's vehicle [Membership Required]

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