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Evidence: Sample of Clippings about Natalie Posner found in Devlin Beauchamps's Residence
Investigating Officer(s): Det. S. Murphy, Det. T. Armstrong
Case No: 000048-0103-2010
Case Description: Devlin Beauchamp Homicide

During the search of Devlin Beauchamp's home following his murder, seven articles mentioning a woman called Natalie Posner were found in the desk drawer of Mr. Beauchamp's study. The following three articles are presented as representative of the seven, as the same information is repeated in several of the articles.

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  • Evidence # 000048-012-01

Editor Found Murdered

The body of Los Angeles Magazine Entertainment Editor Ivan Riesling was found yesterday in his Glendale home. Police responded to a 911 call Saturday morning from the victim's secretary, Jaclyn Severance, who reportedly went to Mr. Riesling's home to check on him after he failed to report for work or call in on Friday. Ms. Severance apparently discovered signs of forced entry upon her arrival and notified 911 from a neighbor's home.

Officers arrived on the scene moments later and, upon entering, discovered Ivan Riesling bludgeoned to death in the den of the Chevy Chase Drive home. Police sources say initial indications at the scene point to an attempted burglary gone wrong.

Ivan Riesling was last seen leaving the offices of Los Angeles Magazine on Thursday evening around 8:30 p.m. His secretary reportedly told police Mr. Riesling planned to go directly home that evening to spend time with his live-in girlfriend, Natalie Posner. Ms. Posner has not been seen since Mr. Riesling's body was discovered. It is not yet known when Ms. Posner was last at the residence she shared with the victim, but police believe she may have been a witness to the murder and is currently in hiding.

Authorities ask anyone with knowledge about the current whereabouts of Natalie Posner or about the murder of Ivan Riesling to contact the Glendale Police Department. Detective David Garcia said, "We encourage Ms. Posner or anyone else with information regarding the death of Ivan Riesling to come forward. This department will assure the safety of any witnesses."

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  • Evidence # 000048-012-03

Still No Leads in Editor's Murder

More than a week after the murder of popular Los Angeles Magazine Entertainment Editor Ivan Riesling, Glendale Police still have no strong leads to point to his killer. While initial evidence discovered at the scene seemed to indicate Mr. Riesling was slain during an attempted burglary, police have been unable to identify any suspects in the alleged burglary attempt. Mr. Riesling, who was bludgeoned to death with his own fire poker in his home, had no known enemies and had not notified police or the magazine's publisher of any threats made against his life.

Mr. Riesling's live-in girlfriend, Natalie Posner, has not resurfaced since her disappearance around the time of the murder. Ms. Posner was last seen leaving Los Angeles Magazine, where she was employed as a research assistant, in the company of the victim at approximately 8:30 p.m. on Thursday, May 7, 2002.

Police records show that officers were dispatched to the Riesling/Posner home with increasing frequency from late 2000 through early 2002 on domestic violence calls, but no charges were ever filed. While a few co-workers at Los Angeles Magazine described the couple as "loving" and "very close," most described the relationship as "volatile," "stormy," and "less than faithful." Some have expressed concern that Ms. Posner was abducted by Mr. Riesling's assailant or assailants and is presently being held against her will or may even have been killed.

The Glendale Police have declined to say publicly whether Ms. Posner is considered either a potential victim or a suspect in Mr. Riesling's murder, stating only that they "believe Ms. Posner may have witnessed the events leading to Mr. Riesling's death." Authorities have asked that anyone with information regarding Natalie Posner's current whereabouts please contact Detective David Garcia of the Glendale Police Department, Homicide Division.

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  • Evidence # 000048-012-07

Editor's Murder Still Unsolved One Year Later

One year ago today Los Angeles Magazine Entertainment Editor Ivan Riesling was found murdered in his Glendale home, the apparent victim of an attempted burglary gone wrong. His live-in girlfriend, Natalie Posner, has been missing since Mr. Riesling's death was discovered. No arrests have been made and the Glendale Police have no leads in either Mr. Riesling's murder or Ms. Posner's disappearance.

The couple's former co-workers at Los Angeles Magazine are distressed that Mr. Riesling's murderer has not yet been apprehended and several have expressed concern for Ms. Posner's safety. The Glendale Police will not comment on the status of the investigation other than to say "inquiries are ongoing and the case will not be closed until the culprit is found and brought to justice."

Unofficially, sources within the police department say some members of the investigation team may consider Natalie Posner the prime suspect in the Riesling murder. The couple's volatile relationship was well known amongst their friends and co-workers. Glendale police records show officers had been dispatched to the Riesling/Posner home many times in the years prior to Mr. Riesling's death.

Approximately two weeks after Mr. Riesling's murder, Ms. Posner's 1992 Honda Accord was found abandoned in Bakersfield, CA, but no traces of Ms. Posner were found in the area. Police were unable to determine whether Ms. Posner or someone else drove the car to Bakersfield, and investigators have declined to speculate publicly.

Speaking to reporters, Detective David Garcia, the lead investigator on the case, said, "We would like to speak to Ms. Posner about what events, if any she witnessed the night of Mr. Riesling's murder. If Ms. Posner has any concerns for her safety if she comes forward, we will provide protection for her."

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