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Evidence: Search Inventory of Jessica Durham's vehicle
Investigating Officer(s): Det. S. Murphy, Det. T. Armstrong
Case No: 000048-0103-2010
Case Description: Devlin Beauchamp Homicide

On Tuesday, February 16, 2010, Jessica Durham gave consent for the Yoknapatawpha County Sheriff's Department to take her car, a black 2002 Nissan Sentra, license plate OZI 477, into custody for forensic review. The car was searched on Wednesday February 17, 2010 and the following items were take into evidence.

Evidence Number(s) Description
  • 000048-F169 through 000048-F171
Three (3) black, 100% polyester
  • 000048-F172 through 000048-F176
Five (5) black, 100% wool
  • 000048-F177 through 000048-F185
Nine (9) blue, 100% cotton
  • 000048-F186
One (1) blue, 100% polyester, consistent with carpeting
  • 000048-F187 through 000048-F189
Three (3) gray, 100% acrylic, consistent with carpeting
  • 000048-F190 through 000048-F196
Seven (7) gray, 100% nylon, consistent with carpeting
  • 000048-F197 through 000048-F198
Two (2) green, 100% nylon, consistent with carpeting
  • 000048-F199
One (1) green, 100% polyester
  • 000048-F200 through 000048-F201
Two (2) red, 100% silk
  • 000048-F202 through 000048-F210
Eight (8) tan, 100% nylon, consistent with carpeting
  • 000048-F211 through 000048-F225
Fifteen (15) white, 100% cotton
Fiber comparison analysis pending.
  • 000048-H124 through 000048-H134
Eleven (11) blonde, 10 cm
  • 000048-H135 through 000048-H137
Three (3) blonde, 6 cm
  • 000048-H138 through 000048-H145
Eight (8) brown, 1 cm
  • 000048-H146 through 000048-H148
Three (3) gray, 4 cm
  • 000048-H149 through000048-H153
Five (5) light brown, 18 cm
  • 000048-H154 through 000048-H157
Four (4) red, 12 cm
Hair comparison analysis pending.
  • 000048-P397 through 000048-P417
Twenty-one (21) full and partial fingerprints found on dashboard, steering wheel
Fingerprint identification analysis pending.
Blood traces
  • Luminol tests revealed trace amounts of blood on the driver's side floor mat, on the gas pedal, and on the brake pedal.
Blood type and DNA analysis pending.