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 Evidence: Coroner's Full Report

Office of the Yoknapatawpha County Coroner

Coroner's Case Number:

Coroner's Investigator at Incident:
 Luwinda Johnson

Incident Date:

Incident Address:
702 N. Lamar, Oxford, MS


Devlin Whitmore Beauchamp

Date of Birth:



Date of Death:
Estimate: Between 1-2-2010 11:00 PM and 1:03-2010 1:00 AM 

YCSD Case #:



External Examination:

The body is that of a well developed, well nourished forty-one year old Caucasian male measuring about 1.53 m in length and weighing about 89.08 kg. Rigor mortis is present and equal in all joints. Fixed lividity is evident on the anterior and right sides of the body. The chest is symmetrical and the abdomen is flat. There is a tattoo of a nude woman on the lower back. The external genitalia are unremarkable. The upper and lower extremities show no deformities. The hands and nails are clean and evidence no injury. The body was unclothed upon arrival.

The hair is dark brown. The irises are brown. The left eyeball has been displaced . The nose and ears are severely injured. The teeth are natural and several were dislodged, apparently by blows of extreme force.

Evidence of Injury:

    • Multiple occurrences of blunt force trauma to the head resulting in extensive craniocerebral injuries. The initial blow was administered to the left side of the head at the temple, apparently when the victim turned to face his attacker. Ensuing blows were delivered in quick succession to the front and sides of the head. It cannot be determined which was the fatal blow, though several of the estimated seven strikes were potentially lethal.
    • There are oblique and transverse fractures with varying displacements of the distal, middle and proximal phalanges on the left hand. The right ulna has a night stick fracture with 60% displacement. The injuries can be categorized as defense wounds.
    • The nose is broken and the left cheekbone is fractured. Several teeth are dislodged. The left eyeball is displaced. There are multiple lacerations inside the mouth. These injuries can be attributed to multiple severe blows to the skull with a blunt object.
    • The blunt object used to deliver the blows is approximately 6 cm in diameter with rounded edges and a smooth face.

Toxicologic Studies:

Blood Ethanol: .03

Urine Drugs: None

Clinicopathologic Correlation: None.


In my opinion, the death of this forty-one year old white male is attributed to multiple blows to the head with a blunt object, resulting in bleeding into the brain, severe brain injury and significant blood loss. The manner of death was homicide.

//Jennifer Johnson, M.D.



//Manish Agarwal, M.D.
Yoknapatawpha County Coroner's Office