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I think Ed may be a guy who snapped. He lives with the guilt of his mother. She never lets up on him. He wants to do the right thing but can't make "everything better". The stress of his lif...
Granted, boredom and age are a factor, but I haven't read one positive review of Joe's food except from Joe. He portrays himself as a good chef and good manager in this interview but no one ...
It really makes me wonder what else she knows.
It's still only early day's for this investigation but if I was putting names in a hat, then I would have to put in the name Landrigan. The threat that Jerry made saying, "You know what wil...
Gee, this Mr Landrigan is a bit touchy. What Detective Armstrong said, was what I would consider polite and respectful when he said:- Thank you for coming in. We realize you are a busy m...

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