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Need more info, without it people will start to guess, and guessing destroys the thinking methods!
After reading Matt's follow-up interview I am convinced that the killer is Landrigan. Matt always parked at the front and signed in and signed out. If Landrigan wanted to kill Jerry, well th...
I think that things are closing in on Landrigan and the party will be over for him very soon. Chef Joe Wilson said he saw Jerry go outside at 3pm when he was in the store room. Matt in hi...
I was wondering about the large contusion Jerry had on his right forehead and, if he and his killer had a face to face encounter wouldn't the killer have to left-handed.? Or he was standi...
It's still only early day's for this investigation but if I was putting names in a hat, then I would have to put in the name Landrigan. The threat that Jerry made saying, "You know what wil...

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