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I can't help but think that the Detectives are going to arrest Ed for Jerry's murder. Ed has denied having gone out any other way other than the front door. Yet his finger prints are found o...
Was Jerry drinking vodka behind the dumpster, slipped on some food waste and fell and banged his head. Although not sure yet about the neck injury. Any thoughts?
Good interview with Albert! He has given us some information that might just help us solve this case. He knows that Landrigran and Shaw were stealing from the home to line their own pocke...
Jack said that the receptionist's name is Lillie Cain and also that she seldom leaves the desk, yet Ed Harbison says when he left the day of Jerry's murder no one was there. Did she go ou...
cfp et al - If you were a scummy low-life gambler and someone owed you money and didn't pay up, wouldn't you go after his relatives for pay-up? I wonder if Phil has been approached by Jerry'...

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