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I can't help but think that the Detectives are going to arrest Ed for Jerry's murder. Ed has denied having gone out any other way other than the front door. Yet his finger prints are found o...
Maybe Sylvia was in on the whole thing. It would help to have a player in the "nursing" role as well as management and maintainance. If shipments are coming in short someone is sending them ...
How could everyone that worked here not know what was going on? I understand that people need a job and may be afraid of getting fired, but this is some of the most disgusting stuff I have ...
I was wondering about the large contusion Jerry had on his right forehead and, if he and his killer had a face to face encounter wouldn't the killer have to left-handed.? Or he was standi...
Gee, this Mr Landrigan is a bit touchy. What Detective Armstrong said, was what I would consider polite and respectful when he said:- Thank you for coming in. We realize you are a busy m...

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