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The lack of care for Rose Jenkins is appalling! I can't believe that someone didn't turn him in long before this. Maybe he deserved to be laying out by that dumpster along with Jerry Shaw! ...
I can't help but feel that Matt lied in his interview. When the 911 call was made, the caller indicated that the body was located outside the facility in the service and delivery area. Wel...
Igillette, your theories are certainly possibilities. And we all know that dead men can't tell tales, and that Landrigan had the most to lose. And as for Jerry, everything to him would ha...
It's still only early day's for this investigation but if I was putting names in a hat, then I would have to put in the name Landrigan. The threat that Jerry made saying, "You know what wil...
I'm sure the Detectives will find a lot of interesting stuff on his mobile phone, and the names of people who they will want to interview. Or at least let's hope so.

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