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I had the same theory with a bad drug deal. A nurse gets paid decent wages, but not an orderly. He could have been supplementing income with the fun drugs they give to the elderly. If that w...
Jack said that the receptionist's name is Lillie Cain and also that she seldom leaves the desk, yet Ed Harbison says when he left the day of Jerry's murder no one was there. Did she go ou...
Igillette, it was you who first suggested that Landrigan could have been skimming the books, and messed up with Jerry"s gambling racket, and said, maybe that's how they got hooked up. And I...
Yes i think more information is necessary
I wonder what the sting operation was all about and if anyone else is involved. lgillette, I agree with you about Jerry's character. He sounds like he was hard to get along with and was o...

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