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41 [Crime Scene] More body parts and a missing man. Is he the victim or the perpetrator? 03 June 2013
42 [Crime Scene] Does a severed finger mean a gruesome death or a horrible accident? 28 May 2013
43 [Crime Scene] Pastor Martinson's killer is in our sights. Do you know who it is? 20 May 2013
44 [Crime Scene] We're so close to finding the killer. Connect, subscribe, and save. 06 May 2013
45 [Crime Scene] Have you identified your prime suspect(s) in Pastor Martinson's murder? 29 April 2013
46 [Crime Scene] Which witnesses haven't told the truth? 23 April 2013
47 [Crime Scene] A man with no enemies was brutally murdered. What don't we know yet? 15 April 2013
48 [Crime Scene] The church's Sunday services were canceled due to murder 08 April 2013
49 [Crime Scene] What did Victor's killer have to say after the arrest? 01 April 2013
50 [Crime Scene] A suspect is in custody for Victor's murder. Do you know who it is? 25 March 2013
51 [Crime Scene] So many secrets. So many years. Which one led to murder? 18 March 2013
52 [Crime Scene] Did the crazy cat lady see the killer on the day of the murder? 11 March 2013
53 [Crime Scene] Just what happened between the victim and those college girls? 05 March 2013
54 [Crime Scene] Father knows best? Brad Jennings talks about his son 25 February 2013
55 [Crime Scene] What killed Victor Jennings: karma or crime? 18 February 2013
56 [Crime Scene] Don't be cruel. A new investigation starts soon. 11 February 2013
57 [Crime Scene] Jared Plunk's killer is singing Jailhouse Rock 04 February 2013
58 [Crime Scene] We can't go on forever with suspicious minds about who killed Jared Plunk 28 January 2013
59 [Crime Scene] A little less conversation, a little more evidence please 21 January 2013
60 [Crime Scene] Apparently, Jared Plunk was nothing but a hound dog, lying all the time 14 January 2013

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