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21 The verdict in the Fontaine murder trial is in 25 October 2013
22 Detectives, what do you want to ask the Fontaine murder suspects? 18 October 2013
23 New videos: The detectives put pressure on Raquel Santos and Benito Flores 11 October 2013
24 New videos: See Grant Fontaine, Joey Beecher and Will Sands under questioning 02 October 2013
25 {subtag:name}, now you can use Case Credits to get a Crime Scene subscription 25 September 2013
26 New video: The Fontaine household employees weigh in 19 September 2013
27 New video: What did Ashley and Grant Fontaine lie about? 12 September 2013
28 New case: Did detectives arrest the wrong man for Philip Fontaine's murder? 04 September 2013
29 [Crime Scene] Professor Douglas Reed's killers are in custody 30 August 2013
30 [Crime Scene] New video: Did professional rivalry kill Douglas Reed? 23 August 2013
31 [Crime Scene] New video: Did jealousy kill Douglas Reed? 17 August 2013
32 [Crime Scene] New video: What happened to Professor Reed? 09 August 2013
33 [Crime Scene] New case: Popular professor shot to death 31 July 2013
34 [Crime Scene] New videos: The accused killers talk about Oscar Knight's murder 24 July 2013
35 [Crime Scene] New video: Jimmy Barton talks about who might've killed Oscar Knight 17 July 2013
36 [Crime Scene] New video: Raquel Santos describes her encounter with Oscar Knight 10 July 2013
37 [Crime Scene] Do you know who killed and dismembered Oscar Knight? 02 July 2013
38 [Crime Scene] New video: Elliott Owens talks about meeting Oscar Knight 27 June 2013
39 [Crime Scene] New videos: Will Sands & Kyle Parker reveal what they saw 19 June 2013
40 [Crime Scene] New video: Shannon Bower talks about her gruesome find 10 June 2013

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