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How To Become A Crime Scene Investigator - Law Enforcement Jobs's Video

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In this Video:
http:www.criminaljusticedegreejobs.comcrime-scene-investigation.php How to become a Crime Scene Investigator. Some states will need you to become a police officer prior to to become Crime Scene Investigator. Thus, learn about how to become a Crime Scene Investigator depending on the location, where you are going to work.

Job Description

Collecting and analyzing evidence for criminal conviction
Writing reports of the crime scene
Taking photographs, sketching the scene and testifying in court

Skills Requirement

Good public speaker
Good at taking photographs
Excellent attention to detail

Education Requirement

2-year Associate or 4-year Bachelor Degree
Completing Internship program

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Study carefully how to become a Crime Scene Investigator so that you will be able to get the exact qualifications especially the appropriate training to finish.

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