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I agree wiht sarahsaturday there are so many factors. Each child come with his own set of emotional and psychological development. Twelve is supposed to be the age of accountablity but that seems so young to me. Where did you post the video? I would like to see it.
2 years ago
WOW, that is a hard call. A 12 year old should know right from wrong by age 12 including murder, however, I believe that each case should be decided on an individual basis because there are so many different triggers. Was the child completely immature and had no idea that what he/she was doing was wrong although being immature is not a valid reason for taking a life. Did the child grow up in an abusive home. Was the child schizophrenic or just a complete sociopath who has no remorse and is out of control and will kill again if not stopped.

With all the violence on TV shows and in the News that show violence and its repercussions a 12 year old should know right from wrong but as with each case that I have stated accept immaturity maybe should be considered on an individual basis.

Does anyone else have any thoughts?? Maybe I am wrong. I would love to hear some feedback.
3 years ago

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