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  • EricaTJ3 started a new discussion Thoreau...
    Was Thoreau outside when Kim got home from the gallery? I would imagine that Arthur would be able to verify, since he seems to keep pretty close tabs on the comings and goings of that home....
    2 years ago
  • EricaTJ3 started a new discussion Electric Fence...
    It was mentioned that Kim's yard had an electric fence during the Emerson days. I have a few questions on the subject. 1) Did the fence sufficiently contain the dog? I know that some larger breeds can withstand the shock and escape. 2) Does Kim's yard still have an electric fence? 3)Was Thoreau wearing his collar when he was found in the basement? ...
    2 years ago
  • This is the body
    2 years ago
  • EricaTJ3 started a new discussion Serena Falk...
    When Serena Falk dropped of the books, was Kim already changed into her pajamas? What was she wearing? ...
    2 years ago
  • coralieblues and {target} are now friends
    2 years ago
  • EricaTJ3 started a new discussion Jeremy Gladwell Interrogation...
    Was Jeremy Gladwell ever questioned about the pregnancy test or asked if she may have told him that she though...
    2 years ago
  • 2 years ago
  • EricaTJ3 and {target} are now friends
    2 years ago
  • EricaTJ3 created a new topic Missing Baby Lisa Irwin in the forum.
    Hello from Cincinnati! Does anyone have any theories behind the disappearance of baby Lisa? This case has been on my mind since I first heard of her disappearance. I really have a hard time finding a good motive for an abduction. Why would someone abduct a baby? A couple reasons come to mind, like black market adoptions and for someone who wants a child. Usually when a woman abducts a baby, I have read that it is usually newborns abducted because the woman wants to pass the child off as her own. This just doesn't seem to fit the case of a 10 month old. With black market adoptions, I would think someone who intends to steal a baby to sell on the black market would be a bit more sophisticated in the abduction. The way it is portrayed is that someone just broke in through a window and stole the baby. If this is the case, it would have to be someone who is familiar with the family, neighborhood and home. The house is very small. Why would someone such close quarters to abduct a child? I would think there would be too many variables that could go wrong, such as one of the three people in the house waking, someone seeing them sneak in the FRONT window of the home, a baby monitor, etc. It also doesn't make sense why the abductor would turn on all the lights in the home. Well, my rant is over for the moment. Anyone want to discuss the case?
    2 years ago

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