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How To Become A Probation Officer - Law Enforcement Jobs's Video

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In this Video:
http:www.criminaljusticedegreejobs.comprobation-officer.php How to become a Probation Officer. How to become a Probation Officer enables a person to understand the exams to pass as a way to earn license or certification. The exams would evaluate a person's written and oral communication skills.

Job Description

Making regular reports to the courts about the offenders' behavior
Conducting pretrial investigations and interviewing suspects and witnesses
Probing the character, background, and previous criminal records

Skills Requirement

Excellent listening ability
Can work effectively with others
Know basic self defense

Education Requirement

4-year Bachelor's degree in criminal justice

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The method to gain career advancement is likewise explained on how to become a Probation Officer. You're going to get information regarding the additional education necessary.

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