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  • Det. Montresor created a new topic ' Courtney Morris Homicide Report' in the forum.
    Morris murder On Sunday morning, at about 0730, the victim, Miss Courtney Morris, was seen by her neighbor, Phyllis Roy, shaking out her rugs. Mrs. Roy observed several individuals approach the victim's door over the next 4 hours.  First, Jenna Mayne, an employee at a local flower shop, dropped off a box of six roses with a card reading, "You've made the right choice", sent by Mr, Talbot. The victim picked up the box and brought it inside. According to Mrs. Roy, she appeared pleased with the gift. According to Mr. Talbot, he sent flowers on days when the victim wasn't expecting him.  Her taking the roses inside signaled that it was okay for him to come in. This was at 0830.  Fifteen minutes later, Douglas Talbot Arrived at the door and entered. According to Mr. Talbot, he left at about 1030.  According to Mrs. Roy, her grandson, Dylan was visiting her and when he left at 1100, they saw Justin Landry, the victim's boyfriend, arrive. Landry corroborates this, and he claims to have left, the victim alive and well, about an hour later. Thus far, no witness has come forward to confirm his time of departure.  From approximately 1100 till 1500, the victim's friend, Mee-Yon Kim was attempting to reach Courtney via text message. She came to the apartment about 15 minutes later, became concerned, and called the manager, Craig Albright. He agreed to let Miss Kim in. At 1530, they discovered the victim's body hanged in the closet by her neck from a hangman's noose with a visible contusion above her right eye. Mr. Landry claims to have no knowledge of Courtney's lover, Mr. Talbot. I do not believe this is the case.  Miss Kim told us that he was showing signs of suspicion, and according to Dylan Roy, he was very possessive of her. Mr. Landry is also the only suspect who blatantly lied to investigators; he claimed to have no knowledge or suspicion that Courtney was involved with any other men and that he was unaware of her receiving any flowers, but his fingerprints were found on the box of roses, as well as on the card.  He also became extremely upset when he was told she was pregnant.  Mr. Landry plays football for Ole Miss, and would be able to lift and maneuver a young woman of Courtney's build.  I believe he lost his temper when he saw the roses and the card, struck the victim, resulting the contusion, and knocking her unconscious. He then methodically rigged up the noose and hung her up, resulting in her strangulation.
    2 years ago
  • Det. Montresor started a new discussion Craig...
    Will there be a follow up interview with Craig? He has a key and I don't think he's been eliminated as a suspect. Does he have a real alibi, and does it check out?...
    2 years ago
  • Det. Montresor replied to a discussion Re: Dylan...
    2 years ago
  • Det. Montresor started a new discussion Dylan...
    Can we please interview Dylan, get his whereabouts from 2300 Saturday night to 0400 Sunday, and find a way to ask if he's a boy scout/eagle scout?...
    2 years ago
  • Det. Montresor created a new topic ' R.O.E.' in the forum.
    Is there a predetermined timeline set for interviews and evidence, or do these events take place only when we request them? For example, if no one actually asks the Detective for a follow up interview with Albright, will there simply not be one? Also, do cases ever go unsolved, or is a solution given automatically when the time is up? Forgive me if this has been covered somewhere. I'm very curious about what is turning into my new fixation, just ravenous for info!
    2 years ago
  • Det. Montresor created a new topic ' Hello' in the forum.
    I stumbled onto this site completely by accident while web surfing. Was checking out some NG photos of the Capuchin catacombs, which led me to Poe's 'The Premature Burial'. This led me to the Purity Knight case, which was fascinating even before I discovered that it was all an online game! Said discovery kept me awake for several more hours, so I decided to join. This looks pretty fun! I'm impressed with the detail put into some of these cases. My real name is Sean, and I'm from Fargo, ND (yes, like the movie).
    2 years ago
  • Det. Montresor is now ranked up to Detective... !
    2 years ago
  • Det. Montresor started a new discussion Rent...
    Is "Doug" paying the rent, depositing money in Courtney's bank account, or was she paying it in cash...? This should be an avenue to "Doug"s identity. Do we have any info on that? Also, trace? There should be fingerprints and DNA all over the apartment......
    2 years ago

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