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  • Ed had a hammer in his truck. Ed is wrecked by guilt about his mother. Jerry wouldn't treat his mother right. Ed was egged n by his mother's constant complaining....Oh Ed, Ed, Ed...... Your Mom may want a clock, but Ed, it looks like your times up!
    9 hours 50 minutes ago
  • Magnolia seems to me to be pretty sharp. I feel sorry for her having to be in this home. She's still complaining about the clock which seems to have disappeared. Did Jerry steal the clock and if he did, where is it?
    11 hours 50 minutes ago
  • 12 hours 33 minutes ago
  • TheDetective added a reply in discussion Company Audit...
    12 hours 34 minutes ago
  • cfp added a new comment in Ed Harbison search
    I think they have finger printed Ed to match to the finger prints on the back exit. Like Bill Rogers said:- Only 2 rooms past me to visit unless someone plans to go through the emergency exit, which happens. And sometimes it's not visitors, either.
  • Gibson added a new comment in Incident Report
    Need more info, without it people will start to guess, and guessing destroys the thinking methods!
  • Gibson added a new comment in Evidence inventory
    Come on we need to see more!! We need to see the injuries on his head and neck, more of the body and surrounding area. We can tell a lot from this info. The food he stepped in wasn't a slip he just stepped in it. So I was wrong about him slipping and
  • Gibson added a new comment in Body scene evidence analysis
    Was Jerry drinking vodka behind the dumpster, slipped on some food waste and fell and banged his head. Although not sure yet about the neck injury. Any thoughts?
  • cfp - good observations! I'm back to the map! Joe Wilson's role?
    2 days ago

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