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  • joymeames added a new comment in Cindy Fine interview #3
    29 minutes ago

    I don't think she would dare shoot him even if he was unconscious. I think the brother in law did it. He was angry as she said and the wounds show it was someone who was mad.

  • cfp added a new comment in Martha Brinkman interview
    9 hours 53 minutes ago

    Now this story about the shirt is not sounding too good for Dudley. He sleeps in till nearly noon, which it seemed was unusual for him. But what was also interesting is what he mother had said about the way Andy did treat Cindy. Which does also cor

  • cfp added a new comment in Follow-up forensics
    11 hours 25 minutes ago

    The trace amounts of blood in the Fine car on both the drivers side and on the front passengers side door are both B+ which is the same blood types of both Carl and Cindy Fine.

  • cfp added a new comment in Follow-up forensics
    11 hours 45 minutes ago

    It is interesting about the unidentified fingerprints. And Cindy herself has also handled the boxes of bullets. Cindy needs to shed light on whoever is this unidentified person. Because there is unidentified fingerprints at the farmhouse.

  • cfp added a new comment in Follow-up forensics
    11 hours 57 minutes ago

    The shovel doesn't look like it has done much work.? So if Cindy did the digging where are her finger prints.?? Plus the Coleman lantern also looks new, and appears to have been used outside, so was it used when digging the grave.??

  • cfp added a new comment in Joanna Laughlin interview
    12 hours 15 minutes ago

    Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. Talking about white trash, when she is married to a man that has a very bad criminal past. She obviously likes living off the proceeds of crime. Both she and Chas drive expensive vehicles. So from what

  • cfp added a new comment in Cindy Fine interview #3
    14 hours 52 minutes ago

    Whats debatable, is how much of her second story is the truth. I think some of the truth is in her story. So did Cindy shoot Andy or did somebody else shoot Andy.???? I personally think that Andy was buried before she left the old farmhouse. But i

  • lgillette started a new discussion Laughlin photo identification...
    23 hours 37 minutes ago

    Dear Detectives, Would it be possible for you to show Mrs. Laughlin photos of Dudley, Carl and Eddie to see if she recognizes who was in the car? Thanks...

  • TheDetective updated the Case Chronicle Is Cindy finally ready to tell us the truth? in Case Chronicle
    23 hours 50 minutes ago

    Will Cindy finally come clean? Examine the relevant case files

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