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  • cfp likes the discussion Sign-In Ledger...
    16 hours 24 minutes ago
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    16 hours 27 minutes ago
  • cfp likes the discussion Company Audit...
    16 hours 28 minutes ago
  • marybentley5 uploaded a new avatar.
    22 hours 25 minutes ago
  • Atty. Law added a new comment in Updated fingerprint analysis
    So I just checked the Body Scene Evidence Analysis and it looks like someone tried to remove the traces of one fingerprint away with bleach. And the fingerprint belongs to Ed Harbinson. Looking really suspicious now.
  • Igillette, the supplies storeroom was opposite the kitchen. And the dry and cold storage were are the back of the kitchen with access from the kitchen. But you wouldn't think that, they would have opened up the boxes to remove half of the order in
    4 days ago
  • About your comment Scarlett:- We can point out a couple that seem to be the most obvious, but sometimes it doesn't work out that way. How very true those words are.?? How many times have we seen it like that:- that the persons with the biggest motiv
    4 days ago
  • Scarlett added a new comment in Arrestee interview
    This isn't the way I pictured it happening. lol I was actually thinking Ed took the clock out with him and when he couldn't convince Jerry to hang it, he hit him in the neck with it, hence the curve mark. Hopefully, I'll get the n ext one right. LO
    4 days ago
  • I think Ed may be a guy who snapped. He lives with the guilt of his mother. She never lets up on him. He wants to do the right thing but can't make "everything better". The stress of his life is something we all have probably seen for ourselves or in
    6 days ago

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