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Incident Report

Sonoma County Police Dept, Special Crimes Unit
Investigating officer: Det. Wallace Schaeffer
Victim's name: Greg Giblini Age: 20
Address: 2133 Yulupa Avenue, Santa Rosa, CA 95401
Incident date: 3/13/96 
Incident time: between 2:30 and 3:24 a.m.
Suspects: no definite leads at this time

Description of Incident: Central dispatch received a 911 
call from Christine Meyers, the victim's neighbor, at 2:47 
a.m. Meyers was extremely agitated and had to be calmed 
down. She reported the victim and several others had been 
yelling and playing music at loud volume all evening. She 
called when she heard crashing noises and breaking glass. 
Dispatch put out a radio alert, and Santa Rosa Police 
officers Briggs and Holborne, who were patrolling the area, 
rolled to the scene, arriving at 3:24. They found the 
apartment door closed and unlocked, and the lights were on 
in the living room, kitchen, hallway, and bathroom. The 
stereo was off.

Briggs found the victim in the bathroom and immediately 
called for backup and a forensic team. He and Holborne 
secured the crime scene and detained Meyers. I arrived with 
forensic officer Deanna Brennan at 3:57. 

The victim was lying on his right side between the sink 
counter and the shower stall. He had been shot in the lower 
back. The bullet entered the body on the right side angling 
up and toward the heart. There was no exit wound. The 
victim's left hand rested in his pooled blood. The sink area 
was smeared with the victim's blood. In addition, blood 
streaks were found on the shower stall door. The shower 
stall door was closed. The medicine cabinet was open. The 
cabinet contained toiletries, several containers of non-
prescription drugs, Band-Aids, matches, and one bottle of 
Valium, prescribed by a Dr. Christian Rapport at Kaiser 
Permanente, Vallejo. There were no towels in the bathroom. 

The apartment was in a general state of disorder. There were 
no signs of violence. All the windows were intact. The 
kitchen table was overturned, and several chairs were pushed 
back. The living room desk drawers were open and the 
contents had been overturned onto the floor. There were 
several computer cables in and near the desk. There was no 
computer on the premises. 

Investigation: I interviewed Ms. Meyers, who lives in the 
upstairs unit. She said she rarely saw the victim, and he 
did not appear to be employed. She said she thought of him 
as "quiet"until three days ago, when she began hearing a 
lot of yelling and carrying on. She said she never noticed 
anyone unusual entering or leaving the apartment, and never 
saw anyone else's car. I questioned all the other residents 
in the complex and they said they rarely saw the victim. The 
landlord, Jerry Hecht, said the victim had paid his rent 
regularly and was a good tenant. 

I asked Ms. Meyers to identify the victim's car. She picked 
out a red Nissan pickup with California plates and an 
expired registration sticker. Inside on the passenger seat 
were two computer-related books from O'Reilly & Associates 
in Sebastopol, along with six adult magazines. A baggie 
containing several ounces of marijuana was found in the 
glove compartment. There was nothing in the truck bed. The 
vehicle was impounded and will be examined for forensic 

Inspector Brennan's initial conclusion was that the victim 
died from the gunshot wound. She said the bullet probably 
passed through the liver, diaphragm, and lungs before 
lodging in or near the heart. She predicted massive internal 
injuries. She found no other signs of physical trauma.



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