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Police in Oxford
Mississippi have been
searching for the
killer of Valerie
Vilson using the World
Wide Web. However, is
seems that the whole
thing may somehow be a
hoax due to recent
sightings of the
alleged victim.

Vilson was seen in a
Northern California
theraputic retreat.
Mel Moser, resident of
a neighboring
community recognized
Vilson from the police
web page. According to
Moser, "I seen her
buying some feminine
stuff, ya know. Well,
I looked at her and I
just knew I recognized
her." Mississippi
authorities have
questioned Moser and
are presently
investigating this

Dr. Randolph Mix, head
therapist at the
retreat refused to
comment on the names
of any patient. Said
Mix, "If the girl is
here, you'll never
know." He sited
California privacy
codes which require no
cooperation from
physicians and

The recent sighting
has turned the city of
Oxford, Mississippi
upside down. For the
past year, citizens
have held fundraisers
and memorials in the
victim's memory. Most
recently, a
scholarship was
established in her
name by local writer,
John Grisham. Vilson
was a babysitter to
the famous writer's
children and a friend
of the family.

In February of last
year, Valerie Vilson
was found murdered in
her apartment.
Evidence linked the
victim's boyfriend,
Greg Giblini to the
killing. Giblini is still at

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