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All Points Bulletin

Seeking: Greg Giblini and Vaskin Kissoyan. Driving a 1987 Silver Nissan Pickup. Tennessee plates: TGA 160
Last Location: I-40 West, Kingman Exit, Mojave County
Identifying Officer: Joshua Moore
Time: 6:05 PM, 16 October 1995
Warrant: Yoknapatawpha County, Mississippi, Greg Giblini, # VW 23a

Arrest Notice: Giblini has evaded authorities for several months. He may be dangerous and will likely avoid arrest. Kissoyan has a record of computer crime. He should be closely monitored around telephone or computer equipment.

Officer Report: Greg Giblini and Vaskin Kissoyan were pulled over after making an improper lane change. Kissoyan was at the wheel. There was nothing unusual in their demeanor.

It was my intent to check the registration and give a warning. After waiting 45 minutes for the DMV computer system, they were released, as per departmental policy.

Two hours later, the systems came on-line. Giblini's name was red-flagged for questioning related to two murders in Mississippi and Florida. There is a warrant for his arrest in the Mississippi murder. A further check of Kissoyan's record showed two incidents of criminal trespass involving computers on the Internet. There are no outstanding warrants for Kissoyan

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