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allibooze replied to a comment in Maxwell investigation report 4 days ago

The bodies were found. That's how they matched it to Cameron's fatal gun shot wound. Otherwise, how would they have known he was shot?

allibooze replied to a comment in Ryan Rand bio 4 days ago

I honestly think it was in the heat of the moment. Ryan said how Cameron was calling him pathetic and a doormat and being mean to him. Ryan also said that Cameron said he had to help or he would make sure everyone thought that Ryan killed Caitlin. Ryan said that this wasn't Cameron, so maybe it got to Ryan's head that no one would believe that cameron killed caitlin. This could have scared ryan, maybe he didn't want this over his head and didn't want Cameron to have this over him for the rest of

Why was they late getting to the Eastgate Shopping Center to board the shuttle? The timeline does not fit, there are differences in the time last seen. Where are their suitcases and bags? They need to look at Roger Jetton's records. They need to check cameras to verify their stories. I would also like to know what the altercation was about between the siblings. Austin Maxwell needs to be further investigated because his story is not adding up. How long does it take to drive from the home and to

Is there any security cameras through the Eastgate Shopping Center that could help shed the light on whether they have entered bus ?

if someone needs to board a bus,he/she will reach the place minimum 10 min before.but here Austin says he dropped the kids at approximately 3.30 am and no witnesses has been found to confirm that both of them were present at the, Austin is the only person who has seen the kids for the last time,he is our only suspect

1. He was shot from close proximity due to the gunpowder traces around the entry wound. 2. That palmar injury supports the theory that he is the one stabbing Cait. The wound is not deep and is right where it should if he was cut by the strokes of knife.

I personally believe that Cameron sustained some stabs wound's also. And I also believe the young man that the pizza owner saw running was Cameron running from the perpetrators. They couldn't afford for him to get away from them, and that is why I have said that they could have shot him in the back of the head while he was running from them.

Your not wrong about the time frame Scarlett, because they could have only been dropped off at the bus stop only minutes before it was to arrive. And both Cameron and Caitlin and their luggage all disappeared. And that young man that the pizza owner saw running without a coat around 4am must have been Cameron. That small dark 2 door hatchback car that was seen by Kristi Dawes had to have had something to do with their disappearance. It was there to see the bus arrive and then sped off.

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