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  • BloodRaven added a new comment in Zina Jacinto interview
    16 hours 24 minutes ago


  • BloodRaven added a new comment in Michael West interview
    17 hours 41 minutes ago

    not just messy it's staring to confues me on who is telling the truth

  • BloodRaven added a new comment in James Cuthbert interview
    17 hours 55 minutes ago

    That's so True so which one is Lieing

  • BloodRaven added a new comment in Lorraine Estrada interview
    18 hours 10 minutes ago

    Kell's doctor is one of them course if you remember Russle said he dosent know what doctor she has course she keeps changing doctors so why change doctors unless she has more then one. So she can get diffrenet medication.

  • BloodRaven added a new comment in Karen West interview
    19 hours 5 minutes ago

    why change her answer to Kelly. she Knows she just droped a big ? on them now they are going to work out who he is and what medication she is on if she tells them well we will see

  • louisa.korb liked a comment in Russell Moran interview
    5 days ago

    So, he sees her "right when he got home". 911 call at 8:08, police show up at 8:14. Russell is very shortly shown outside, before RI arrives at 8:28. When did he examine to house for the broken glass in the bedroom, when did he determine that her mo

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    2 weeks ago


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