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  • kickboxer added a new comment in 2nd cell phone records

    I]m very curious to know what reason the beyond the feather as a piece of evidence, and if there are any clues regarding the cell phone, just thinking that if the cell phone could help crack the case.

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  • kickboxer started a new discussion response...

    Greetings Det.Murphy thanks for the welcome i'm enlighted to be a board....

  • kickboxer added a new comment in Search evidence analysis
    4 days ago

    I'm curios about assisting to discover what happened to the Maxwell figure skating brother and sister .

  • tatianad08 liked a comment in Arrest report
    5 days ago

    Brenda was the first person who I suspected, but I just did not want to entertain the idea that she was the culprit. But her behaviour was strange and far from normal and who wants to believe that the mother did it.

  • JamesPhantomhive uploaded a new avatar.
    JamesPhantomhive Can't Touch This!!!
    7 days ago
  • anonymousdetective added a new comment in Kenny Ross 2nd interview
    7 days ago

    So you seem like a new comer from what I read earlier, so if you want to help with investigations, put your input like this daily, and then you also need to Either write down your information and other information from others to notice an analysis di

  • kickboxer added a new comment in Kenny Ross 2nd interview
    1 week ago

    I think it's great, the Det. is very detailed in their responding to the questions, also the detectives do so a great job keep up the good work.

  • kickboxer is now ranked up to Rookie... !
    1 week ago


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